What Banks Don’t Tell You About The Difference Between APR and APY

Imagine a world where banks were fully transparent with you. Sounds nice, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, there are many tactics banks use to make parts of their business look better than they are. Specifically when it comes to APR and APY. Well today we’re going to get the difference between APR and APY. I’ll explain to youContinue reading “What Banks Don’t Tell You About The Difference Between APR and APY”

3 Tips for Handling Money as a Couple in 2021

Recently we talked about combining finances with a spouse after marriage. Today, we look at the day to day handling of money in a relationship. We all know that doing things as a couple can be more challenging than doing them as a single person. But they can be more rewarding as well. Finances is one of thoseContinue reading “3 Tips for Handling Money as a Couple in 2021”

Meet the Millennials Who BUILT and PAID OFF Their Home

I recently interviewed some friends who paid off their house early! I wanted to understand why they did it and lay it out for you all here. Meet Garrett and Maddy, 26 and 25 year old millennials who built their own house and paid it off within 5 years! You can watch the full interviewContinue reading “Meet the Millennials Who BUILT and PAID OFF Their Home”

Financial Coaching: How It Works and Who Should Get It

What is a financial coach and how is it any different than a financial advisor? In this post, we’ll break it down. Then we’ll cover who should get financial coaching and how it works. Spoiler, I don’t think coaching is for everyone. I don’t even think it’s for everyone who has financial problems. Financial AdvisorContinue reading “Financial Coaching: How It Works and Who Should Get It”

What Economists Say About How To Use Stimulus Checks

Round three stimulus checks are coming! Is it economically irresponsible to not spend it? I mean, it is meant to stimulate the economy, right? What have we learned from the impact the last stimulus checks have had on our economy? What the Economists Say With the third round of stimulus checks being sent out, I’veContinue reading “What Economists Say About How To Use Stimulus Checks”

How to Find Your Net Worth and Why It Matters

People talk about “net worth” but how do you actually find it? In this post, we’re going to look at net worth and why it’s helpful. We’ll also look at its one major downside of net worth. Let’s start with the definition. Net Worth Definition Net worth is what you own minus what you owe,Continue reading “How to Find Your Net Worth and Why It Matters”

How to Combine Finances After the Wedding

When two people get married, what’s the best way to handle the finances? Keep it separate or make the money pot a little larger? What other financial things should we consider when we get married? This weekend, Bailey and I attended the wedding of some friends. Cue the bells and sparklers! So I am taking this appropriate opportunityContinue reading “How to Combine Finances After the Wedding”

5 Unconventional Side Hustles (and How to Choose One for Yourself)

Today’s blog post about side hustles isn’t going to be your traditional post where I say “Ok you can do door dash, you can do Uber, you can do Lyft, you can get an evening job!” Nope. There are plenty that cover side hustles you can do. My goal is to open your mind aContinue reading “5 Unconventional Side Hustles (and How to Choose One for Yourself)”

The Problem with “Pay Yourself First”

You hear the phrase “pay yourself first” all the time. I agree in theory, but when we look at it deeper, how does that affect other areas of your financial life? Is the “pay yourself first” mentality really the best way to make progress with your money?  “Pay yourself first” is a frequently used phrase to justContinue reading “The Problem with “Pay Yourself First””

The Hidden Opportunity Cost of Every Purchase

Imagine you’re driving to work and realize you completely forgot your 20¢ iced coffee at home. I guess you gotta snag a quick cup of joe from the Starbucks on your way.  As you creep forward in the drive thru, you notice the price for a cup of their signature Pike Place is now $34. OhContinue reading “The Hidden Opportunity Cost of Every Purchase”