Why Your Money Keeps Disappearing (Parkinson’s Law)

Have you ever looked at your bank account and asked yourself “Oh my word, where did my money go?” Have you ever been given a project with a deadline, then used that whole time to complete the project? These two circumstances are connected by a phenomenon called Parkinson’s Law and it applies to anything from time managementContinue reading “Why Your Money Keeps Disappearing (Parkinson’s Law)”

Journaling is Hard. Here’s a Great Tool to Start.

Happy Wednesday! Early this year, I posted about two simple goals I made for this year (click here to read it). One was journaling at least once per week. This has proven to be a struggle for me all my life. John Maxwell, the well-known leadership teacher, talks extensively in his book The 15 InvaluableContinue reading “Journaling is Hard. Here’s a Great Tool to Start.”

Four Ways a Budget Will Make Your Life More Fulfilling

“Do you have a budget?” I asked. My friend smiled slightly and answered, “Kinda…I mean, I pay my bills every month so I use that as a way for me to see where my money is going at least.” I suspect this is the way many people answer this question. But this isn’t budgeting. BudgetingContinue reading “Four Ways a Budget Will Make Your Life More Fulfilling”