Dividend Stocks Explained

In the last several years, the internet has been inundated with articles and videos about passive income. Many promising wealth through scammy and sketchy means. Unlike those, we’re going to cover one of the simplest forms of building passive income there is: dividend investing. First, let’s break down investing into two categories. There are stocksContinue reading “Dividend Stocks Explained”

How to Prepare for a Market Crash Before It’s Too Late

Our friends Dow and Jones sure are sensitive fellows, aren’t they? They hear one thing in the news and then you can’t control what crazy stuff they’ll do.  When you begin to feel the rumblings of a market crash earthquake, what’s the first thing you do?  That’s why we have to prepare! I’m not talking financialContinue reading “How to Prepare for a Market Crash Before It’s Too Late”