How to Combine Finances After the Wedding

When two people get married, what’s the best way to handle the finances? Keep it separate or make the money pot a little larger? What other financial things should we consider when we get married? This weekend, Bailey and I attended the wedding of some friends. Cue the bells and sparklers! So I am taking this appropriate opportunityContinue reading “How to Combine Finances After the Wedding”

5 Unconventional Side Hustles (and How to Choose One for Yourself)

Today’s blog post about side hustles isn’t going to be your traditional post where I say “Ok you can do door dash, you can do Uber, you can do Lyft, you can get an evening job!” Nope. There are plenty that cover side hustles you can do. My goal is to open your mind aContinue reading “5 Unconventional Side Hustles (and How to Choose One for Yourself)”

The Problem with “Pay Yourself First”

You hear the phrase “pay yourself first” all the time. I agree in theory, but when we look at it deeper, how does that affect other areas of your financial life? Is the “pay yourself first” mentality really the best way to make progress with your money?  “Pay yourself first” is a frequently used phrase to justContinue reading “The Problem with “Pay Yourself First””

The Hidden Opportunity Cost of Every Purchase

Imagine you’re driving to work and realize you completely forgot your 20¢ iced coffee at home. I guess you gotta snag a quick cup of joe from the Starbucks on your way.  As you creep forward in the drive thru, you notice the price for a cup of their signature Pike Place is now $34. OhContinue reading “The Hidden Opportunity Cost of Every Purchase”

What is the BEST Way to Start Investing in 2021?

What’s the best way to start investing in 2021? How should you choose what types of accounts to save your money in first? Retirement will be here before you know it. Let’s begin preparing now! Let’s start with tax advantaged retirement accounts. The most common are the 401k and the IRA. Just recently, we lookedContinue reading “What is the BEST Way to Start Investing in 2021?”

How Much Do You Need to Invest for $1 Million in Retirement?

We’ve talked about investing and retirement, but what’s the magic number you need to have saved by the time you retire? And how much do you need to invest per month to hit that number? Is retirement actually a myth? What you need in retirement is going to depend on a number of variables.  HowContinue reading “How Much Do You Need to Invest for $1 Million in Retirement?”

401k vs IRA: What You Need To Know About Each for Retirement Savings

When it comes to retirement, I’m sure you’ve heard all the letters and numbers: 401k, IRA, 403b, TSP, etc. Confusing, right? What’s the best one?  That’s why today we’re going to look at two of the most popular — the 401k and the IRA. We’ll look at the pros and cons of each so youContinue reading “401k vs IRA: What You Need To Know About Each for Retirement Savings”

The 6 Do’s and Don’ts of Budgeting

Consider this: The median household income of Americans in 2019 was just over $68,000 according to the Census Bureau. If starting a budget caused you to save even 1% more of your yearly income, that would be an average of about $56 a month of savings. When $56 is invested per month over your 40Continue reading “The 6 Do’s and Don’ts of Budgeting”

How to Make Your First Budget EVER Using EveryDollar

Happy Friday! Today I wanted to share with you a step by step process for creating your first budget ever. I know budgeting can be intimidating, but it’s really simpler than you may think. In this post, we look at budgeting through an app called EveryDollar. I wrote about some great budgeting apps here, EveryDollar,Continue reading “How to Make Your First Budget EVER Using EveryDollar”

Here’s the First Thing You Should Do with Your $600 Stimulus Check

Boom we made it! 2020 is over! On to better years.  Yesterday, a friend of mine texted me that he just got his $600 stimulus check direct deposited. I was like “Oh dang, I wonder if we got ours.” Sure enough, we did. That spurred an idea for a good blog post: A reminder ofContinue reading “Here’s the First Thing You Should Do with Your $600 Stimulus Check”