Why Your Money Keeps Disappearing (Parkinson’s Law)

Have you ever looked at your bank account and asked yourself “Oh my word, where did my money go?” Have you ever been given a project with a deadline, then used that whole time to complete the project? These two circumstances are connected by a phenomenon called Parkinson’s Law and it applies to anything from time managementContinue reading “Why Your Money Keeps Disappearing (Parkinson’s Law)”

What to Do When Productivity Drops

I go into every week knowing generally what I want to get done. I have this blog post to write. I have that audiobook to finish. I have this fish to feed. Busy, busy, busy. What frustrates me is that it seems I never get done what I want to get done. Except the fish.Continue reading “What to Do When Productivity Drops”

The Simple Cost of Every Decision That You Might Not Have Considered

As we work towards mastering the simple so that we can become the expert, it’s vitally important that we change the way that we think about everything, especially about our time! This is what I’m learning to do. I like to think of myself as a creative person, but it is soooo easy to getContinue reading “The Simple Cost of Every Decision That You Might Not Have Considered”