Journaling is Hard. Here’s a Great Tool to Start.

Happy Wednesday!

Early this year, I posted about two simple goals I made for this year (click here to read it). One was journaling at least once per week. This has proven to be a struggle for me all my life.

John Maxwell, the well-known leadership teacher, talks extensively in his book The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth about the Law of Reflection. He argues that this is one of the ways that successful people grow. Every day, they reflect on their lives and learn from their experiences.

Recently, however, I snagged a new journal to help me in this goal (up to that point, I just used a notebook). It’s called the Full Focus Journal and essentially is a souped-up Five Minute Journal for those who like to write more. Here’s a quick look at both.

The Full Focus Journal asks specific questions every day that helps you reflect on life and how you can learn from your experiences.

Image from

Image from

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Tons of people love the Five Minute Journal. It’s an easy way to write down the highs and lows of the day as well as observations made. I may try one at some point. The thing that is attractive to me about this journal is the fact that it has a few lines to fill out, not extensive sections. I want to keep a journal but the larger sections honestly intimidate me.

Five Minute Journal
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Five Minute Journal
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I’ll be honest, I got the Full Focus Journal because I had a discount code for it and wanted to check it out. Updates to come!

What’s your favorite way to journal? How do you reflect?

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