Get Your Side Hustle Going in 27 Days

I’ve talked about Chris Guillebeau before, specifically in my recent post about 8 audiobooks I listened to in 2018. He has a book called Side Hustle in which he outlines the process for taking an idea you have and developing a profitable side hustle in a mere 27 days.

And he’s got stories of person after person who have done exactly that.


Chris also has a daily podcast where he tells a story about a real person who brought their side hustle idea to a profitable business and how they did it. Through all these stories, he tackles strategies for developing extra income as well as common struggles and how to combat them.

I love his podcast because listening to a different story every day is super motivational. And understanding the shear vastness of side hustle possibilities helps get the ideas flowing. Chris has decades of experience in living off of side hustles and understands the process.

I highly recommend his podcast!

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My own side hustle

I have a side hustle, though I didn’t know about Chris and his resources until well after I started mine.

Mine is filmmaking.

I actually have a business called Hearthstone Films. The process of getting a video together for a client and them being excited about it makes me really enjoy the projects. This past weekend, I filmed a wedding! I actually figured out this was my 9th wedding I have filmed. Pretty cool!

I also finished another project this past weekend for a golf course. It’s a promotional video about Fling Golf. Here’s the video right here.

The thing I like about my hustle is it gives me a space for me to exercise my creativity. Sure, engineering needs creativity as well! It’s just not the same type in my opinion.

Do you have a side hustle? If so, what is it?

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Create an Emotional Connection With Your Customers

This post contains affiliate links.

Image result for building a storybrand podcast

Happy Resource Friday!

Do you have a business or are you thinking about starting one? If you do, telling a good story is the way you will improve business and bring in customers. People respond to stories and the Building a StoryBrand Podcast will help you tell the story your customers need to hear.

Donald Miller, the bestselling author of Building a StoryBrand, hosts this podcast where he interviews leaders and thinkers from all industries. He has an entertaining and engaging way of interacting with each interviewee.

Through his podcast, Miller helps the listener understand how the principles of telling a story applies in real life.

Because every person responds to a story.

The premise of Building a StoryBrand is that every customer wants to feel like the hero in his or her own story. As a business owner, your job is to act as the guide in your customer’s story. The guide helps the hero change and become victorious. Think of Yoda and Luke Skywalker or Gandalf and Frodo Baggins.

As the guide, you will tell a story to your customer about how you will help them overcome their problems. Like the lack of a website or the front lawn that needs to be mown. They’ll feel like the hero when you help them solve their problems. And your business will grow.

I highly recommend this podcast. Coupled with the book, the Building a StoryBrand Podcast will open a new level of understanding about how a business can be successful. I read the book and it is one of my top two favorite books that I have read in the past two years. Its principles are unbelieveably simple and practicle.

I included the link to the podcast website, but this past January, Miller’s company began to only post podcasts through whatever apps you get your podcasts. They do not post them on the website any longer. So here is the link to the podcast on iTunes!

Do You have a small business?

Mine is filmmaking! What’s yours?

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How to Get Unstuck and Find Your Sweet Spot

Happy Friday!

I’ve been toying around with this idea to make Friday a “Resource Friday” and then post about a book, podcast, or article that would add value to you. What do you think?

Today’s resource is another podcast that I listen to. It’s called The Ken Coleman Show. Do you feel stuck where you are? This is an excellent podcast to find the direction and motivation you’ve been needing.

Ken Coleman is an expert on leading people to find fulfillment in their careers. That’s where he finds his passion; helping people get unstuck is his specialty.

Each show contains inspiring quotes and a time of him tackling a specific way for you and I to make progress in our careers. Then he hits the phones to give practical advice to struggling listeners.

His signature goal is to help others find their sweet spot, that is “where your top talents and top passions intersect.” I highly recommend this podcast if you aren’t in your dream job already. It will help you avoid the life drift that Michael Hyatt warns against in his book Living Forward.

What are you doing today to get yourself to grow for tomorrow?

Growth Podcast You Need to Listen to: Entreleadership

Hey all, happy Friday!

When I drive my 45 minutes to work everyday, I like to take advantage of what renowned author and speaker Zig Ziglar called “Automobile University.” Sure, music is great. However, I have so much time in the car that I want to use it to learn something. Otherwise, I might just ironically listen to Rodney Atkins’ “Take a Back Road” again while driving the highway.

Entreleadership is one of the many podcasts I listen to every week. I recommend it for you as well!

It’s a podcast for those who are entrepreneurs and seek to grow in their leadership skills. It covers topics of personal and business growth, leadership, and money. Every week there is an interview with a professional in any number of business fields.

There is a book called Entreleadership as well which I have read. Both the book and the podcast come highly recommended from me if you are interested in helping yourself grow in 2019!

If you want a good app to listen to audio books on, check out this blog post.

Till next time!