Get Your Side Hustle Going in 27 Days

I’ve talked about Chris Guillebeau before, specifically in my recent post about 8 audiobooks I listened to in 2018. He has a book called Side Hustle in which he outlines the process for taking an idea you have and developing a profitable side hustle in a mere 27 days. And he’s got stories of personContinue reading “Get Your Side Hustle Going in 27 Days”

Create an Emotional Connection With Your Customers

This post contains affiliate links. Happy Resource Friday! Do you have a business or are you thinking about starting one? If you do, telling a good story is the way you will improve business and bring in customers. People respond to stories and the Building a StoryBrand Podcast will help you tell the story yourContinue reading “Create an Emotional Connection With Your Customers”

How to Get Unstuck and Find Your Sweet Spot

Happy Friday! I’ve been toying around with this idea to make Friday a “Resource Friday” and then post about a book, podcast, or article that would add value to you. What do you think? Today’s resource is another podcast that I listen to. It’s called The Ken Coleman Show. Do you feel stuck where youContinue reading “How to Get Unstuck and Find Your Sweet Spot”

Growth Podcast You Need to Listen to: Entreleadership

Hey all, happy Friday! When I drive my 45 minutes to work everyday, I like to take advantage of what renowned author and speaker Zig Ziglar called “Automobile University.” Sure, music is great. However, I have so much time in the car that I want to use it to learn something. Otherwise, I might justContinue reading “Growth Podcast You Need to Listen to: Entreleadership”