Get Your Side Hustle Going in 27 Days

I’ve talked about Chris Guillebeau before, specifically in my recent post about 8 audiobooks I listened to in 2018. He has a book called Side Hustle in which he outlines the process for taking an idea you have and developing a profitable side hustle in a mere 27 days.

And he’s got stories of person after person who have done exactly that.


Chris also has a daily podcast where he tells a story about a real person who brought their side hustle idea to a profitable business and how they did it. Through all these stories, he tackles strategies for developing extra income as well as common struggles and how to combat them.

I love his podcast because listening to a different story every day is super motivational. And understanding the shear vastness of side hustle possibilities helps get the ideas flowing. Chris has decades of experience in living off of side hustles and understands the process.

I highly recommend his podcast!

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My own side hustle

I have a side hustle, though I didn’t know about Chris and his resources until well after I started mine.

Mine is filmmaking.

I actually have a business called Hearthstone Films. The process of getting a video together for a client and them being excited about it makes me really enjoy the projects. This past weekend, I filmed a wedding! I actually figured out this was my 9th wedding I have filmed. Pretty cool!

I also finished another project this past weekend for a golf course. It’s a promotional video about Fling Golf. Here’s the video right here.

The thing I like about my hustle is it gives me a space for me to exercise my creativity. Sure, engineering needs creativity as well! It’s just not the same type in my opinion.

Do you have a side hustle? If so, what is it?

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No Free Lunch

Monday’s my normal day to post on the blog but Memorial Monday? What do you write on a day like today? I was kinda dreading it. I had no idea what to write. I’ll start by telling you the other title I considered for this post:

This is My Memorial.

Photo by Aaron Schwartz from Pexels

Growing up, I saw Memorial Day as a patriotic family day — almost a secondary July 4th. I saw it as a day off work for my dad and a good excuse to get grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins together for some grilling, watermelon and lemonade. It was the kickoff of summer — the first time those who didn’t own a pool could feel that cool water hit their skin on the first cannonball.

Memorial Day had a feeling of freedom ingrained in it. Freedom from work. Freedom from school. Yeah, classes may have been done by then but Memorial Day officially made no-school a frequent summer term.

And, of course, the biggest freedom was the freedom of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. It’s a memorial to the soldiers who made the ultimate act of love by Jesus’ own definition (John 15:13). Giving up one’s own life has no minor price tag.

America remembers

Photo by Veronika Valdova from Pexels

I get on Facebook today and there are posts all over reminding of the freedoms we get to experience in the United States. I’ve seen many heartfelt posts, many from people who have actually lost a serviceman or servicewoman. One post was a simple share giving some direction for today. It said,

If you want to be a good American, be the kind of person worth dying for.

I actually don’t have anyone in my family who has died serving their country. I don’t understand the magnitude of pain that must be experienced from a tragedy like that. It’s probably why I have never felt I understood the seriousness of today. I understand the freedom but how can I understand the price?

America doesn’t need my reminder of what Memorial Day means. It’s doing pretty well at remembering today. But this is my memorial. It’s my memorial to those who died for my freedom even when I’m not the kind of person worth dying for. It’s my memorial for letting me pursue the dreams I have. It’s my memorial for making me a more patriotic and caring person.

Nothing’s Free

Here’s the relevance to this blog. We all want to become experts at something. Some may want to climb the corporate ladder. Some want the freedom to work for themselves.

Whatever it is, it stems from the freedom to make our lives and careers into whatever we want. But there’s a price to pay. As the well-known saying goes, “There’s no such thing as a free lunch.”

How do you normally celebrate Memorial Day?

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