Growth Podcast You Need to Listen to: Entreleadership

Hey all, happy Friday!

When I drive my 45 minutes to work everyday, I like to take advantage of what renowned author and speaker Zig Ziglar called “Automobile University.” Sure, music is great. However, I have so much time in the car that I want to use it to learn something. Otherwise, I might just ironically listen to Rodney Atkins’ “Take a Back Road” again while driving the highway.

Entreleadership is one of the many podcasts I listen to every week. I recommend it for you as well!

It’s a podcast for those who are entrepreneurs and seek to grow in their leadership skills. It covers topics of personal and business growth, leadership, and money. Every week there is an interview with a professional in any number of business fields.

There is a book called Entreleadership as well which I have read. Both the book and the podcast come highly recommended from me if you are interested in helping yourself grow in 2019!

If you want a good app to listen to audio books on, check out this blog post.

Till next time!


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