How to Get Unstuck and Find Your Sweet Spot

Happy Friday!

I’ve been toying around with this idea to make Friday a “Resource Friday” and then post about a book, podcast, or article that would add value to you. What do you think?

Today’s resource is another podcast that I listen to. It’s called The Ken Coleman Show. Do you feel stuck where you are? This is an excellent podcast to find the direction and motivation you’ve been needing.

Ken Coleman is an expert on leading people to find fulfillment in their careers. That’s where he finds his passion; helping people get unstuck is his specialty.

Each show contains inspiring quotes and a time of him tackling a specific way for you and I to make progress in our careers. Then he hits the phones to give practical advice to struggling listeners.

His signature goal is to help others find their sweet spot, that is “where your top talents and top passions intersect.” I highly recommend this podcast if you aren’t in your dream job already. It will help you avoid the life drift that Michael Hyatt warns against in his book Living Forward.

What are you doing today to get yourself to grow for tomorrow?


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