3 Strategies to Solve Paralyzing Decisions

This post contains affiliate links. Decision-making can really keep you up at night. In this post, I want to give you three strategies to solve paralyzing decisions. My sister, Atalie, recently decided to start working full-time in ministry. There’s a mission organization called International Friendships Incorporated that matches up international students with local families overContinue reading “3 Strategies to Solve Paralyzing Decisions”

The Plight to Provide Valuable Content

This post contains affiliate links. At the beginning of this year, my family had a goal-planning session. We snagged our laptops, packed our sleeping bags, and hit the snow-covered roads to reach our Airbnb for the night. We asked a lot of deep questions about how we envision the future and what we’d like toContinue reading “The Plight to Provide Valuable Content”

How to be Great By Choice (Jim Collins’ Way)

Jim Collins is one of my all-time favorite authors. He wrote (with the help of a research team) the bestselling books Good to Great, Great by Choice, Built to Last, and How the Mighty Fall. He constructs his books in an easy-to-understand way and makes the topic of business incredibly interesting. For today’s Resource Friday,Continue reading “How to be Great By Choice (Jim Collins’ Way)”

What to Do When Productivity Drops

I go into every week knowing generally what I want to get done. I have this blog post to write. I have that audiobook to finish. I have this fish to feed. Busy, busy, busy. What frustrates me is that it seems I never get done what I want to get done. Except the fish.Continue reading “What to Do When Productivity Drops”

I Suppose I am Now Officially a Writer

It’s official! I’m a writer because I have a shirt that says I am. I got this from a friend last Christmas. It states “I AM WRITER. I make the voices in my head work for me.” It perfectly sums up the kind humor my friends (and I) have. It’s also my first ever bloggingContinue reading “I Suppose I am Now Officially a Writer”

Graduate Gift: The Book Graduated and Clueless is on Sale!

Around every graduation, I put my book Graduated and Clueless: How to live like an adult when life is confusing on sale on Amazon. Now is the time to get it for the graduates you know! Right now, the ebook is on sale for $0.99 and the paperback is on sale for $6.99. This bookContinue reading “Graduate Gift: The Book Graduated and Clueless is on Sale!”

Create an Emotional Connection With Your Customers

This post contains affiliate links. Happy Resource Friday! Do you have a business or are you thinking about starting one? If you do, telling a good story is the way you will improve business and bring in customers. People respond to stories and the Building a StoryBrand Podcast will help you tell the story yourContinue reading “Create an Emotional Connection With Your Customers”

The World Needs You to Love What You Do

What makes you come alive? Like really come alive? I know people who absolutely love what they do. I have a friend who is an engineer and he was made for it. He comes alive when he’s designing a mechanical system that has to work a very specific way. I come alive when I beginContinue reading “The World Needs You to Love What You Do”

5 Negotiation Strategies from an FBI Negotiator

This post contains affiliate links. Happy Resource Friday! Last year, I listened to an interview with a former FBI hostage negotiator. I heard who the interview was with and my attention was immediately piqued. It proved to be one of those holy-crap-I-forgot-I-was-driving types of interviews. I was completely engrossed and got his book. The bookContinue reading “5 Negotiation Strategies from an FBI Negotiator”

Humility in the Workplace: Learn from Other Experts

This post contains affiliate links. Us young folks want to impress others with how much we know. That’s how I am! If I am working with someone who’s older than me, I try to show them how much I know or how much I can do. Sometimes when someone more experienced begins to teach me,Continue reading “Humility in the Workplace: Learn from Other Experts”