The Plight to Provide Valuable Content

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At the beginning of this year, my family had a goal-planning session. We snagged our laptops, packed our sleeping bags, and hit the snow-covered roads to reach our Airbnb for the night. We asked a lot of deep questions about how we envision the future and what we’d like to accomplish. It was a valuable time filled with much discussion and eating.

One of my goals involved blogging twice a week. Unfortunately, the beginning of the year was a rough start because I worked so much.

At work, we had a big rock crusher project that we had have designed, built, and set up by mid May. All of us engineers were putting in tons of overtime (I splurged and bought Starbucks the Saturdays we worked). Good news is, we got it done! Here’s what it looks like all pretty and set up at the site.

I like to say, if you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place, just crush the rock.

More recently, however, I’ve been getting into the writing-twice-per-week plan but it is so challenging.

My biggest issue seems to be coming up with valuable material. I have doubts when writing.

I have to write frequently to build an audience and to build my skill of writing. But when I post, I’m afraid I’m not providing good material that is valuable to my readers. How do I get over that? Questions run through my head constantly.

Is this post so simple that my readers will be bored?

Will followers think I have no space to talk about this subject?

Does this post provide legitimate value to whoever is reading it?

These questions are why I struggle. But I must go back to the basics of this blog.

The basics of this blog

Master the Simple. Become the Expert.

It means doing simple actions today so that you can become the expert that people seek tomorrow.

That means writing about my own experiences and sharing the wisdom of others. That’s why I quote other people so much. I have limited life experience!

That means providing material from my own experience and from other people’s wisdom. That’s why I quote so many people. I have limited life experience up to this point.

But I will continue to write about the basics. This means tackling topics like

  1. Finances: If you don’t master that debt now, you will forever be saying “If I had more money, I could really help people!”
  2. Habits: If you don’t master the art of making habits, it will forever be difficult to maintain consistency in any action.
  3. Goals: If you don’t strengthen your goal-making and futuristic thinking, you’ll drift into opportunities all your life and your ability to grow intentionally will never fully develop.

What material do you find most valuable on this blog?

I want to write about topics that fit into these three categories (and a couple others) but I certainly want to write about topics that YOU find valuable to your life. Let me know in the comments below!

And of course, if you found anything in this post valuable, give it a like and give me a follow!


Thanks to Judit Peter from Pexels for the main image of this post!

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