I Started a You Tube Channel for Personal Finance!

Hey all! Happy Friday!

I wanted to let you know, I have now started a You Tube channel to add to the blog! Watch the first video below!

I’m really excited about this because I like making videos and I find it’s a little easier to entertain through video than through writing.

I’ll be attempting to post videos on Mondays and Fridays. We’ll be covering a lot of budgeting tips and strategies as well as all other things personal finance.

We’ll talk debt, savings, investing, and much more. This is all in an attempt to provide you more value as we move into 2021.

I uploaded a new video this morning where we break down a budget into its recommended percentages. Give it a watch and a like if you find it provides value to you!

Also, subscribe and hit that notification bell to keep up with the videos. It’s an excellent way to support me as I continue to work on content for you all.

Click here for the channel!




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