How to Reduce Stress with an Emergency Fund

Here at Master the Simple, my goal is to help you become an expert of the small stuff so that the big stuff actually becomes manageable. Finances are somewhat of a bedrock for much of life. It’s not everything, but becoming proficient in finances will diminish plenty of unnecessary stress in the future. One wayContinue reading “How to Reduce Stress with an Emergency Fund”

Pay off Debt Before You Even Have It

I know what you’re thinking. Pay off your debt before you even have it? How is that possible?  Normal people put purchases on credit, get loans for cars, etc. Then they have to pay off that debt. Not only do they have to pay off the initial amount but all of the interest acrued as well. However, you can avoid this. All you have to do is this: Reverse the process. Instead of paying for debt after youContinue reading “Pay off Debt Before You Even Have It”