3 Tools to Help Guide You Towards Retirement

Happy Resource Friday!

I love talking finances. The only thing I like more is having easy-to-use tools for making finances as effortless as possible. Personally, I believe that mastering finances is one of the building blocks of life. When we don’t have financial issues, stress is decreased in so many other areas of life ā€” relationships, career, etc.

I think when we simplify finances as much as possible, it allows us to invest our energy into other areas that we care about. That’s partially why I haven’t used a credit card in two years. It’s so much easier for me to track my finances without something I have to pay off every month!

So today, I want to share a site with you that will make your finances easier to track. I’ve talked about Chris Hogan many times in blog posts and in my book. He’s a retirement expert who has written several books and has a podcast to help direct people in their future ambitions.

Hogan’s website has three great tools for you to use.

  1. An Investment Guide
  2. R:IQ Assessment
  3. The Net Worth Calculator

1. The Investment guide

The investment guide is a great tool for learning some of the basics about investing today. It teaches you about some of the basics of investing: the amount you should invest, what diversification means or even what compounded interest is.

2. R:IQ assessment

This is a sweet tool for future planning. If you take the assessment, you will put in the amount of money you expect you will need per month in retirement, what kind of lifestyle you will want to have, as well as your age and when you’ll retire.

Then it spits out a number ā€” your R:IQ or your Retire Inspired Quotient. This will tell you what amount of money you need by the time you retire and how much you need to save monthly to accomplish that.

The R:IQ is a tool to help you understand where you need to be and the Net Worth Calculator will help you understand where you’re at currently. Plug in some numbers and this tool will tell you how much your total assets are worth right now!

Check out these tools and tell me what you think in the comments below!

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