Graduated and Clueless Audiobook is on it’​s Way!

Guess what! I’m working on the audio version of my book Graduated and Clueless: How to live like an adult when life is confusing. I’m excited about it!

This whole year so far has felt like it has been defined by work. I’ve been on a pretty big project since January helping to redesign our largest rock crusher (yeah, we manufacture freaking rock crushers). It’s FINALLY almost done.

Which means I get my life back.

Which means I can finally get to recording this audiobook.

Yes, that is tape across the top and bottom of my reflection shield. It’s gotta stay together somehow.

If you ask any audio professional (and many non-professionals), it’s a pretty janky setup. I’m kind of proud of it though. Right now, I’m tweaking settings so I get as good of audio as possible.

I could have had a professional do it but I chose against it.

For one, I don’t want to pay someone right now to do it for me. Even more so, I wanted it to be my voice reading it. And I can’t afford studio time.

When I listen to an audiobook (last year, I listened to over 20), I understand when an author has a professional read his or her book, but I think it’s so much more personal if the author reads it himself or herself. This book is pretty close to me and I wanted it to be in my own voice so that I can give it the emotion that I think it deserves.

The release date is temporarily set for May 1st.

That way, I can get it out and ready for the next graduating class to give it a listen.

Click here to get the print copy today!


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