What Should I Do When God Doesn’t Work on My Timeline?

Ever wonder why humans develop so slowly? I come from a farm where we saw animals being born in the great outdoors. There were many early mornings our family would gather in the barn to watch the incredible (and absolutely disgusting) miracle of birth happen in our small flock of sheep. A baby lamb, allContinue reading “What Should I Do When God Doesn’t Work on My Timeline?”

2 Simple Actions for Growth in 2019

I find that it is too easy to focus on the big goals I want to accomplish in the coming year. The problem is when I think the big goals are the only things that will make a difference. Contrarily, I believe that Mastering the Simple is what will make a difference because that isContinue reading “2 Simple Actions for Growth in 2019”

2018 Look Back — What Goals Worked and What Didn’t?

2018 is DONE! And now we are into a whole new year. A brand new start and yet another opportunity to give up on goals in January. So, to avoid that, we’ve been looking at analyzing the goals we made in the past year and figure out what worked and what didn’t. Okay, first thing’sContinue reading “2018 Look Back — What Goals Worked and What Didn’t?”

21 Impactful Books I Read This Year

This morning, I FINISHED the reading goal that I set back in January! This year I read 21 books. Here’s a short clip of my opinion of each one! One quick thing. I liked almost all of the books I read for various reasons. I try not to pick up a book if I thinkContinue reading “21 Impactful Books I Read This Year”

If You Like to Write (Or Don’t), Grammarly Is For You

For at least a year, I have seen ads for Grammarly specifically on YouTube. I’ve thought, “Hey, that’s pretty cool, but I have pretty good grammar and don’t need anything like that.” I guess repeated advertising actually works because I finally tried it. I mean, I blog regularly. It couldn’t hurt to try. One mightContinue reading “If You Like to Write (Or Don’t), Grammarly Is For You”

Quit Making Your Goals Into God’s Goals

My goals are regularly self-focused. How can I make myself better? How can I increase my physical strength? What about my finances? What ways can I improve my relationships with others? However, what I really haven’t considered is this: As a Christian, I claim that God is the Lord of my life. But I haven’tContinue reading “Quit Making Your Goals Into God’s Goals”

Graduated and Clueless Book on Sale!

I’m a graduate of The Ohio State University and today was autumn commencement! In honor of that (and the fact that Christmas is creeping up on us very quickly), my book Graduated and Clueless is on sale on Amazon!  Currently, the ebook version is $0.99 and you can snag the hardcopy for any graduates you know forContinue reading “Graduated and Clueless Book on Sale!”

Prepare for January Now (5 Questions to Ask About the Previous Year)

Goals can feel overwhelming. As a result, it’s easy for me to focus on what I am going to be doing during the Christmas season and push off planning for the coming year. To avoid this, I’m working on analyzing the previous year now. Do you have any idea what you want to accomplish inContinue reading “Prepare for January Now (5 Questions to Ask About the Previous Year)”

How to Design Memorable Moments for Yourself and Others

My family and I traveled to Yosemite National Park in 2014 to do some hiking and camping before I hit my first semester at Ohio State that fall. Literally a day before we left, I had a small blister pop up on my arm. It was larger than normal poison ivy but I’ve had poisonContinue reading “How to Design Memorable Moments for Yourself and Others”