The Book

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I wrote a book!

As a graduating college student, I had to do a lot of research into what I needed to know post-graduation. I told myself

“If there was a book that told me all the things that I needed to know about graduating and entering the workforce, I would read it in a cinch.”

But there were limited options. So after doing my research, I wrote a practical book for the aid of graduating seniors from college.

In it, I cover the things that I had to learn and experience. These are the parts of the book:

  1. What’s Most Important (Housing)
  2. What To Do With Time
  3. Let’s Talk Jobs and Passion
  4. Insurance is So Confusing
  5. Financing My Life
  6. Good Old Retirement
  7. Dating for the Masses
  8. Add Marriage On Top of All This
  9. Never Stop Dreaming

If you struggle with the same things, this book is written for you. It gives practical advice for how to move forward in life post-graduation. You can get the Kindle version or paperback on Amazon now!

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