Affiliate Disclosure

One of my unofficial goals for this next year is for my blog to make enough money to pay for itself. So as a part of that strategy, I’m working on signing up with affiliate programs for products that I personally like a lot.

When I bumped my WordPress subscription up so that I could put ads on my site (not my first choice but a start), I hated all the ads it automatically placed. And based on the book Platform by Michael Hyatt, I wanted to ensure that the ads on my site were for products that I cared about and those that I thought would be beneficial to my readers.

You will see affiliate ads on my website but only those that I actually care about. I wouldn’t recommend anything that doesn’t work for me. The point is

i make money off of any purchases you make through affiliate links.

If you want to support my blog, check out some of the companies I use for different services in the side bar or at the bottom of the website if you’re on mobile!

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